3-D Chocolate Creations: Coming Soon to a Printer Near You?

Image: Petr Kratochvil

Attention chocolate lovers–you may be hitting the print button to get your chocolate fix in the future! Researchers at the University of Exeter in the UK have developed a 3D chocolate printer. That’s right, instead of spreadsheets, this baby prints out dessert!

The chocolate printer works by laying down layers of chocolate on top of one another. Each layer is a cross section of the finished product. Of course, this presents the challenge that each layer of liquid chocolate must solidify before the next layer can be applied. On the downside, this will mean tinkering with the chocolate to get the optimal, quick-drying formula, and my guess is the finished product will turn off true chocolate aficionados.

Still, chocolate printing would have a host of applications commercially. Spell out a personalized message in chocolate. Give your sweetheart a likeness of your face to devour. Eat a chocolate Easter Bunny in October. The future is here, people. What types of 3D chocolate creations would you like to see?

If you can’t wait for a chocolate printer, try it the old-fashioned way with these recipes for cakes in a jar!

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