4th Of July Foodie Crafts For Kids


The 4th of July is the ultimate BBQ day. I’ve got all kinds of dishes on the menu and for dessert, well, I’m letting the kids take care of that with a fun foodie craft. It’s a long day leading up to the late night fireworks show and there’s only so many ball games and sprinklers and hide and seek games to be played. I know my littles are going to need an activity that will get their creative juices flowing and excited, and their mouths watering. I’ve found several awesome food crafts that are perfect for the 4th of July. We just might be making a few desserts!

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    4th of july foodie crafts
  • Star Spangles Gumdrops 2 of 8

    These gumdrops can be made in any shape, but are perfect little star spangled treats for the 4th of July and kids will have a blast shaking on the colored sugar.

    Make Star Spangles Gumdrops.

  • Spangled Sandwich Pops 3 of 8

    Turn ice cream sandwiches into adorable pops with festive sprinkles.

    Make Spangled Sandwich Pops.

  • Star Cookies 4 of 8

    Just color your cookie dough and get some multi size star cutters and let the kids get creative.

    Make Star Cookies.

  • Watermelon Pop Stars 5 of 8

    Cut a watermelon into slices and the kids can use a star shaped cookie cutter to cut out shapes and stick a popsicle stick into the end.

    Make Watermelon Pop Stars.

  • Star Spangled Dessert 6 of 8

    Beautiful, simple and healthy star dessert with fresh fruit. Make a sample for the kids and let them create the rest. Make sure to buy lots of extra berries for the nibblers.

    Make Star Spangled Dessert.

  • Banana Split With A Twist 7 of 8

    Looking for a healthier dessert the kids can make? Give the kids banana's and watermelon and let them build a banana split. For more festive colors, add blueberries.

    Make Banana Split With A Twist.

  • Sprinkle Sparkle Cones 8 of 8
    Sprinkle Sparkle Cones

    Ice cream is a must for the 4th of July and these sprinkle cones will give a bit of pizazz to your basic dessert. They are so easy to make, just set it up outside in the shade and let the kids sprinkle away.

    Make Sprinkle Sparkle Cones.

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