4th of July Refresher: Root Beer Floats!


Every summer I seem to forget how good a root beer float tastes, but then I make my first one of the season and remember why this classic concoction is so darn delicious. I love how it takes just two perfect ingredients to have beverage bliss, but with simplicity comes a need for using the very best ingredients: no run of the mill soda or vanilla ice cream will do, you have to use the best!
I know there are lots of great regional root beers out there (and I urge you to use them, this is a great opportunity to show them off) but for us it has to be a bottle of Stewart’s.
For the ice cream I’d like to say I used my own, but we’re only on week two of owning an ice cream maker and I spent most of today struggling with a blueberry frozen yogurt recipe. Instead I went with the next best thing: local and homemade from our area farm. Chances are you have some pretty good homemade ice cream nearby so pick up a pint!
Besides your ingredient I think another important element of a perfect float is to use a frosted glass or mug, I put ours in the freezer before serving (and also why not use something fun so serve it in; I’ve even had them served in Ball jars).

To assemble take your frosted mug and fill it halfway with cold soda, then put in two scoops (if they’ll fit) of vanilla ice cream.
If you’ll be serving a group of kids this upcoming 4th of July (or during any summer get together) then instead of making individual portions (lots of glasses, lots of mess) consider a few jumbo floats with some colorful straws for sharing. They might go down faster but they’ll still be delicious.