5 Celebrity Restaurant Fails


For most celebrities, opening a restaurant is a successful venture. It’s something many celebrity athletes, musicians, actors and actresses have done. Some celebrities even seem to have the magic touch like Robert De Niro, with Locanda Verde, Nobu, and Tribeca Grill. However other celebrities just can’t seem to get a good restaurant going. Just recently it was reported that Eva Longoria’s Vegas location of Beso, the Latin-inspired steakhouse she opened with Chef Todd English, had been operating in bankruptcy since January. And let’s not forget Kenny Rogers Roasters, a chicken restaurant made so popular by Seinfeld. All of their restaurants have closed here except for the one in Ontario, California. Fortunately they are continuing to flourish in Asia though.

Here’s 5 examples of celebrity restaurants that just didn’t make it.

  • Steven Spielberg’s Dive! 1 of 5
    Steven Spielberg's Dive!
    This quirky submarine-themed restaurant with locations in LA, Vegas, Barcelona stayed in business for a while, but went under after 5 years. Read more here at the Daily Meal Photo Credit: © Joel Bratman
  • Britney Spear’s Nyla 2 of 5
    Britney Spear's Nyla
    Britney's Cajun restaurant in the Dylan Hotel in Midtown Manhattan seemed like a good idea, but in just 6 months the restaurant had $400,000 in debts. Read more here at the Daily Meal Photo Credit: © Flickr/EUPaparazzi
  • Jill Hennessy and Benjamin Bratt’s Irving Mill 3 of 5
    Jill Hennessy and Benjamin Bratt's Irving Mill
    This New York City based restaurant had raving reviews, but after legal problems between the celebrity owners and the chef, things went downhill fast. Read more here at the Daily Meal Photo Credit: ©
  • Hulk Hogan’s Pastamania! 4 of 5
    Hulk Hogan's Pastamania!
    This restaurant was funded by the Hulk opened in Minnesota's Mall of America in Bloomington. Unfortunately it failed in under a year. Read more here at the Daily Meal Photo Credit: © Flickr/Tim Kiser
  • Flava-Flav’s Fried Chicken 5 of 5
    Flava-Flav's Fried Chicken
    Okay, you can probably guess this one, Flava Flav blamed the downfall of his restaurant on his restaurant manager. The manager in turn blamed him, and just after 4 months, Flava Flav's fried Chicken was no more. Read more here at the Daily Meal Credit: © WikimediaCommons/MrQuan

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