5 Easy Romantic Recipes for You and Your Sweetie


CarbonaraIt is time to start planning your Valentine’s Day menu! What do you think you want to make? Something decadent and creamy? Light and polite? A chocolate bonanza? I’ve got all of your interests in mind and more. I have been digging through the Family Kitchen archives and have compiled five absolutely terrific recipes for Valentine’s Day. They are all completely delicious, easy to make and are sure to make whomever eats them swoon over the person who made them. Just picture yourself light a few candles, dimming the lights and serving up some of these amazing entrees and desserts. Enjoy!

1. Eric Ripert’s French Carbonara for Two: This creamy pasta is dotted with crispy bacon and is the ideal decadent pasta dish for a pair. It’s amazing taste suggests hours of labor over the stove but it, in fact, takes about 20 minutes to make, from start to finish.

2. Red Curry Flank Steak: Everyone loves a great steak, but are they easy to cook? Yes. This succulent steak will be the perfect main course for any romantic dinner table.

3.Winter Soups: I couldn’t chose just one soup. All of these are delicious, nutritious and so easy to make for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. Just imagine dipping your spoon into a smooth bowl of soup while sharing a bottle of wine over a candlelit dinner. Beautiful!

4. Skinny Meyer Lemon Cheesecakes: A non-chocolate dessert, these cakes are both low-calorie and easy to make. Plus, they look absolutely beautiful on the table!

5. Easy Luscious Chocolate Souffle!: This souffle is so easy I swear that absolutely anyone can do it. It requires only 3 ingredients and takes 10 minutes to assemble. Leave it to bake while you eat dinner!