5 Things Your Kids Should Do Every Night


Getting your kids in happy, healthy routines is an important part of parenting. After all, kids create habits based on the routines you help them develop at home. For us, the nighttime routine is the one my kids count on the most. And now that we’re trying to take part in the LISTERINE Kids Cavity-Free School Year, the nighttime routine becomes an important part of teaching my kids how to do five simple things at night that strengthen their teeth, their minds, and their mornings.

1. Brush. Toothbrushing should happen twice a day, every day. But it’s especially important at nighttime. By taking a few minutes to brush their teeth properly, your kids can go to bed knowing their teeth are clean and ready to rest all night long!

2. Rinse. Rinsing with LISTERINE Smart Rinse should happen twice a day, every day. But getting your kids to rinse at night is an extra-important step in keeping them cavity free!

3. Floss. Flossing once a day helps your kids keep their teeth clear from pesky bacteria or sneaky pieces of food, while also keeping their gums healthy.

4. Lay out clothes for the next day. To stop morning madness, get your kids to lay out their clothing before bed each night. Doing so allows you to talk over the plan for the next day, ensure everything is washed and ready to go, and helps your kiddo feel empowered in making wardrobe choices without the rush of a hectic morning.

5. Read. Whether you read to them, or your kids are old enough to read to themselves, taking time every night to read will help your kids wind down, strengthen their minds, and learn about the world around them.