6 Coconut Macaroon Recipes for Passover or Just Because


I say or just because due to the fact the coconut macaroons are delicious any time of year and for any reason. My favorite is a chocolate dipped macaroon, typing that made my mouth water and now I must run to the kitchen to whip up a batch. So take the jump, and choose your recipe, while I get cooking.

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  • White Chocolate Vanilla Bean Coconut Macaroons 1 of 6
    White Chocolate Vanilla Bean Coconut Macaroons
    White chocolate and vanilla bean? Hello love.
    Make your own white chocolate vanilla bean coconut macaroons
  • Cute and Easy Birds Nest Macaroons 2 of 6
    Cute and Easy Birds Nest Macaroons
    This recipe is perfect for this who celebrate both Easter and Passover by combining Easter candy with macaroons.
    Make your own cute and easy birds nest macaroons
  • Chocolate Capped Coconut Snowballs 3 of 6
    Chocolate Capped Coconut Snowballs
    This is the first recipe on my list as I'm a chocolate macaroon lover.
    Make your own chocolate capped coconut snowballs
  • Coconut Macaroons 4 of 6
    Coconut Macaroons
    This recipe is very simple and straightforward. If you are running out of time or have a fear of baking, this one is for you.
    Make your own coconut macaroons
  • Vanilla Flecked Coconut Macaroons 5 of 6
    Vanilla Flecked Coconut Macaroons
    Check out the vanilla flecks! This one is right up my ally as I crave fresh vanilla, especially when I can see it and crunch it.
    Get the recipe for vanilla flecked coconut macaroons at Free Coconut Recipes
  • Coconut Macaroons 6 of 6
    Coconut Macaroons
    This recipe uses agave nectar to sweeten, which is great for those who steer clear of processed sugars.
    Get the recipe for coconut macaroons at Elana's Pantry

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