68th Annual Golden Globes Award Menu 2011 at The Beverly Hilton Hotel


Are you wondering what all the celebrities and stars will be eating at the 68th Annual Golden Globes Award 2011 at The Beverly Hilton Hotel? This year the Beverly Hilton Hotel Executive Chef Suki has planned the menu highlighting California Cuisine….

The menu will feature California’s Central Valley area by using Bari olive oil and California Gourmet pomegranate honey. For an appetzier tonight, Chef Suki a meat and dairy free appetizer for the event. In fact, here is the entire 68th Annual Golden Globes Menu

Grilled Eggplant with Edamame and Red Pepper Hummus with Marinated Artichoke and Arugula

Combination Entrée
(California eco-friendly inspired from Central Valley)

Grilled Beef Tenderloin of Beef with Caramelized Fennel Marmalada and Mild Chili Sesame Crusted Filet of Pacific Sea Bass

Light Cream of Fine Herb Turmeric Lemon Grass Sauce

Black Risotto Parmesan

Young Bok Choy, Haricot Vert and Baby Carrot

Dessert Trio
California Almond Cake
Chocolate Royaltine Crunch Triangle
Fresh Berry Tart
Raspberry Coulis, Orange & Vanilla Chantilly Crème with Chocolate Butterfly Silhouette

Moet & Chandon Imperial Champagne