7 Adorable Piñata Treats For Cinco de Mayo


It’s nearly Cinco de Mayo, which means muy muy fabuloso celebrating needs to be planned, stat. Whether you throw an annual Cinco de Mayo party, or simple want to surprise the people you love, here are seven adorable pinata-treats that will help you get your fiesta on!

  • 7 Pinata Treats 1 of 8

    Get ready to get your party on! These seven adorable candy-filled pinata treats are as fun as anything you've ever seen before!

  • Unicorn Horn 2 of 8

    Make a birthday party magical with these whimsical unicorn horn cookies- break open for a hidden treat inside!

    Get the recipe from instructables

  • Candy Filled Star Cookies 3 of 8

    Add some extra "oohs" and "aahs" to your next Independence Day party with these patriotic star pinata sugar cookies!

    Grab the recipe from Tablespoon

  • Pinata Cupcakes 4 of 8

    Break the chocolate topping on these delightful cupcakes to reveal a yummy treat inside!

    Get the recipe from la receta De La felicidad

  • Smash Cake 5 of 8

    This is the ultimate pinata smash party cake- eat the sides and crack open the middle for some sweet treats! 

    Get the recipe from Bubble and Sweet

  • Candy-Filled Pinata Cake 6 of 8

    Make this signature cake and get your candy and cake fix all in one bite!

    Get the recipe from Claire K Creations

  • Edible Maracas 7 of 8

    Perfect for your Cinco de Mayo party table- shake your maracas, then take a bite!

    Get the recipe from She Knows

  • Candy-Filled Cones 8 of 8

    Decorate these ice cream cones to your hearts desire, then hide treats inside!

    Get the recipe from Salt and Pepper

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