7 Adorable Valentine's Day Treats on a Stick


Photo Above: Brenda from A Farmgirl’s Dabbles

Tonight we’re having a nice, quiet dinner tonight at home. My husband and I had our Valentine’s Day dinner last Friday night, while our son enjoyed his Valentine’s Day pajama party. So tonight, for the first time ever, we’re passing on the crowded restaurants and busy traffic. I got a nice bottle of wine to accompany some shrimp scampi and salad. For dessert, I made cake pops, because nothing says “l love you” like treats on sticks.

I love cake pops, but that’s not the only treat that can come on a stick. Here’s 7 more adorable Valentine’s Day treats on sticks.

  • Valentine Jelly Pops 1 of 7
    Valentine Jelly Pops
    These are super cute kid friendly jello pops from the Jello Shot Test Kitchen.
    Find this recipe at
  • Chocolate Dipped Valentine Marshmallow Pops 2 of 7
    Chocolate Dipped Valentine Marshmallow Pops
    How about marshmallow pops? These are too cute!
    Find this recipe at A Farmgirl's Dabbles
  • Brownie Valentine Cake Pops, Gluten Free 3 of 7
    Brownie Valentine Cake Pops, Gluten Free
    These brownie cake pops are heart-shaped and gluten free, wow!
    Find this recipe at Gluten Free Canteen
  • Valentine’s Day Cake Pops 4 of 7
    Valentine's Day Cake Pops
    Aren't these just too cute, and super easy too.
    Find this recipe at A Delightful Dish
  • Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Roses 5 of 7
    Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Roses
    These are such a cute Valentine's Day idea, and more healthy too than most recipes.
    Find this recipe at Family Kitchen
  • Heart-Shaped Pie Pops 6 of 7
    Heart-Shaped Pie Pops

    Find this recipe at The Cafe Sucre Farine
  • Pink Poptart Pops 7 of 7
    Pink Poptart Pops
    How about a pop tart on a stick? These are so cute!
    Find this recipe at Family Kitchen

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