7 Fun Ways to Feed Your Kids Yogurt


I grew up eating yogurt in the morning. While I love it as a way to start your day, yogurt has so much more to offer, for both you and your kids. Paired with fruit, frozen, or taken the savory route, yogurt is a great way to add live cultures and dairy to your kids’ diets. Here are a few fun ways we enjoy eating yogurt.

  • Frozen Fruit Kebabs 1 of 7
    Frozen Fruit Kebabs
    Freezing grapes, berries, and chunks of banana is always a fun way to serve fruit in the summer. Add a yogurt dip, and you're set for a healthy snack.
    Make frozen fruit and yogurt dip via Simple Bites
  • Hop for Pops 2 of 7
    Hop for Pops
    Get your kids involved in making these easy popsicles. A bit of juice and yogurt is all it takes to turn a hot summer day into a special occasion.
    Make 2-ingredient berry pops
  • Strawberry on a Stick 3 of 7
    Strawberry on a Stick
    Fresh fruit and a yogurt dip on a stick is a fun way to serve a snack. These would be great for parties, but they're fun for after-school snacks, too.
    Make strawberry yogurt pops
  • Frozen Yogurt 4 of 7
    Frozen Yogurt
    Who knew making ice cream could be so easy? Dump your already sweetened yogurt or a bit of yogurt and preserves into the ice cream maker for a treat that's
    just right.
    Make frozen yogurt
  • Dip-a-Di-Do 5 of 7
    For a savory snack, serve up a bowl of homemade tzatziki to dip vegetables, pita, grilled meats, and more into. Kids love condiments, and this is one condiment you can feel great about giving to them.
    Make tzatziki
  • Smooth It Out 6 of 7
    Smooth It Out
    My kids love anything that comes with a straw. Add yogurt to frozen fruit, blend, and you'll have a berry "milkshake" in no time. It's great for snacks and meals on the go.
    Make a yogurt and berry smoothie via Food for My Family
  • Think Dessert 7 of 7
    Think Dessert
    This recipe is really truly a dessert with the addition of sugar, but it is also a tasty treat that still beats most cakes and pies.
    Make blueberry frozen yogurt

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