7 Thanksgiving Crafts You Can Eat


When it comes to Thanksgiving, there’s always great memories of having a kitchen full of family and friends. In the hectic moment of preparation, however, a kitchen full of anything can be a stressful experience. Which is why these Thanksgiving Crafts are a holiday heaven-send! While you put the finishing touches on the turkey and sweet potatoes, all the kids (and kids at heart) can busy their fingers at the kitchen table and keep out of your way! Here are 7 totally simple Thanksgiving-themed crafts that you can prepare for your party-goers!

  • Mini Corn on the Cob 1 of 7
    Mini Corn on the Cob
    Want a bite of corn? You got it with these super quick, super cute mini corn on the cobs!
    Click for the recipe from Tablespoon.
  • Two Bite Turkeys 2 of 7
    Two Bite Turkeys
    Peanut Butter in a form you can truly "gobble-gobble" up! Try making these simple, super-cute Peanut Butter Turkey's!
    Click for the recipe from Tablespoon.
  • Autumn Donut Pops 3 of 7
    Autumn Donut Pops
    Donut holes become the perfect canvas for autumn-themed one-bite pops on a stick!
    Click for the recipe fromCreate-Celebrate-Explore.
  • Turkey Cupcakes 4 of 7
    Turkey Cupcakes
    There's not a cuter way to turn your cupcakes into tasty turkeys that with these colorful treats!
    Click for the recipe from Family Fun.
  • Gum Drop Gobblers 5 of 7
    Gum Drop Gobblers
    Turn gumdrops into good, old-fashioned turkey treats! This new spin on a retro craft couldn't be a penny cuter!
    Click for the recipe from Design Wash Rinse Repeat.
  • Colorful Cornucopias 6 of 7
    Colorful Cornucopias
    Fruit snacks turn the traditional cornucopia into a mini fruited feast!
    Click for the recipe from Tablespoon.
  • Thanksgiving Turkey Treats 7 of 7
    Thanksgiving Turkey Treats
    Get your bird-watching on with these so sweet Thanksgiving Turkey Treats!
    Click for the recipe from The Celebration Shoppe.