7 Ways to Cook Couscous


Photo Credit: Mel’s Kitchen Cafe

Couscous can be a busy home cook’s best friend. Seriously folks, it doesn’t get any quicker than cooking up a box of couscous and turning it into something special. I’ve used it in several different recipes, including salads, stuffings, and as a jazzed up side dish. It’s fairly easy to boost the flavor of couscous while you’re cooking it by substituting chicken (or veggie) broth for water or just adding a crushed garlic clove and a little olive oil into the cooking liquid. Adding chopped fresh veggies, herbs, nuts, beans or even dried fruits can really transform a pretty plain side dish into something everyone will love.

If you haven’t cooked with couscous before or are looking for a little dinner-time inspiration check out this roundup of 7 ways to cook couscous…and while you’re here share with us your favorite way to cook couscous!

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