A Great Roadside Find


Ah, road trips, the great American summer tradition. A time for family singalongs, weird license plate-spotting, and really nasty fast food. If you find yourself driving through rural southern Alabama, as I did recently on a family road trip, you will not have this problem: For many miles, there aren’t a whole lot of edible options. The dearth of places to stop turned my family into road-food warriors on the lookout for a local spot that looked promising. When we found this one in Luverne, about 50 miles south of Montgomery, we totally lucked out. Click to find out what happened.

The great joy of stopping someplace off the beaten path is in the element of surprise. My friend and colleague Scott Jones is the long-time food director of Southern Living magazine, so whenever I see that a restaurant has been featured in that publication I know it’s no joke. It turns out that Southern Living named Annie’s as one of the best spots in Alabama for fried chicken. Frankly, I can’t imagine how any place would rank higher. The fried chicken there is crunchy, peppery, and perfectly cooked. My kids ate a lot of it. I ate a lot of it. And I still dream about it.

Ever have a great road-trip food find? Tell me about it.

(If you are looking for Annie’s, there is not a website. You can find it just outside the city of Troy on highway 331 South. The phone number is: 334/335-3316.)

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