A New Kind of Family Dinner Cookbook


Those of you who follow me on my own blog, Dinner: A Love Story, all devoted to family dinner (as much about how to make it happen as it is about what to cook for it) you probably recognize the cover of this book. I co-wrote it over a year ago when I was the features director at Cookie magazine. The book was scheduled to go to press last October, only a few days after Conde Nast decided to fold Cookie, and there were a few months there where we didn’t think it was going to ever see the light of family kitchens. Thankfully, it was rescued, and it’s officially available in bookstores this week.

My partners in crime were editor in chief Pilar Guzman (left, below) and executive editor Alanna Stang (right, below), both moms of young kids, and both passionate believers in family dinner. I know I am prone to superlatives, but I think working on Time for Dinner was the most fun I’ve ever had that didn’t include a waterslide. But forget about me. (Just for a second, mind you.) You will love this book. Sure, it has the lush, drool-worthy photography of Marcus Nilsson and a collection of amazing family-friendly recipes (over 200 of them including these great ones you can find on babble!) but it’s the conceit that will get you at hello. The chapters are broken down by the Moods of Mom, i.e. “I Feel Like Supermom” (that chapter is about advance cooking) or  “Can’t Deal with Pots and Pans Tonight” (sandwiches for dinner) or “I Want to Cook with What I Already Have” (a collection of the magazine’s super popular “So You Have A…” column.)

So if you are heading into back-to-school mode (i.e. back-to-karate, back-to-homework, back-to-ballet, back-to-soccer mode) and wondering how you will ever find time to cook a meal for your family again, you will find answers here — and strategies and inspiration and loads and loads of recipes. I promise.

If you’d like to sample some of the recipes from the book, check out Last Minute Family Meals

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