A No-Measuring Roasted Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe


sweet-potato-casserole-lg-300x2341Some home cooks don’t like to measure because they don’t need to. Others don’t like to because they don’t know that they need to. I don’t like to measure because I’m moving fast! If any (or all!) of the above apply, this, of all sweet potato recipes, is the sweet potato casserole for you.

Begin with roasted potatoes. As many as you think you’ll need. I always like having too much rather than too little, so I estimate one large potato per person at a big holiday meal. Small kids get 1/2 a potato.

Mash the roasted spuds with butter; some heavy cream; a little orange zest; a splash of cider, if you have it; cinnamon; nutmeg; salt and pepper; a dash of vanilla; some maple syrup. Keep the potatoes lumpy for a rustic casserole or make them super smooth for a more refined one

Adjust seasoning to taste, and feel free to improvise. Have fresh ginger? Throw some in! Want to keep this low fat, substitute milk for heavy cream.

Bake with the topping of your choice. You can go with a streusel topping or give Sweet Potato Casserole with Marshmallows an upgrade with these Homemade Cinnamon Marshmallows. (They are super easy to make and can be done way in advance!)


Photo: iStockphoto/lizamccorkie