A Pickling Party and a Canning Week


I was thrilled this weekend as I walked around the market to see the bushels of fresh produce were starting to show up, waiting there for some experienced canning or pickling expert to grab them to be “put up.” There is this excitement and anticipation that is involved in seeing fresh-picked tomatoes and uprooted carrots still covered in a thin layer of dirt be preserved and stored long into the winter months.

This month with the summer harvest underway there are several people celebrating with posts of their own and even a few groups showing off their canning muscles. A few to watch this week:

The Pickling Party: After last month’s successful Pie Party, Shauna Ahern suggested everyone pickle something for the month of August, and so we all did. Nearly 300 people are signed up to pickle. It should be a good time.

Late-Summer Canning Week: I love Aimee, and I was so excited to kick off last year’s Canning 101 week. I was thrilled to be participating again this year along with Megan from Stetted, Marisa from Food in Jars and the lovely Aimee herself.

If you haven’t felt the satisfaction of putting up your own produce in jars and lining a shelf with the fruits of your labor, I urge you to try at least one thing this season. Pick your favorite pickle or jam and try to recreate it or make a variation of it. The feeling of accomplishment as you listen to those jars pop will be worth every berry-stained finger or every cucumber salted and sliced.

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