Acid Pops for your Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 Soiree


Are you ready for the big Harry Potter Premiere? We’ve made a few super simple and tasty treats to help you celebrate. LICORICE WANDS and PUMPKIN JUICE are on the menu as well as these snappy Acid Pops that are sure to make the party sizzle. I saw them here and couldn’t resist making my own. 3 ingredients are all you need for this simple and fun treat!

Harry Potter Acid Pops
What you’ll need:

Blow Pops
agave nectar
pop rocks {you’ll need 1/2 packet of pop rocks per lollipop}

What to do:
1. Place a 2 tablespoons of agave nectar into a shallow dish. Place pop rocks into a separate shallow dish.

2. Dip blow pop {or similar lollipop} into agave nectar making sure it coats the entire surface. Tap off an excess. Roll dipped lollipop into the pop rocks until the surface is coated.

3. Continue process until you have desired amount of acid pops.