Egg Chicks


As we’re preparing for Easter, we have A LOT of hard boiled eggs in our house and I’m betting you just might too. This is a super cute way to use some of those hard boiled eggs. You probably have everything you need right in your refrigerator.
I used fennel seeds for our chicks eyes, but if you don’t have fennel seeds, black sesame seeds or even nori would work. We thinly sliced a carrot for the beak and just cut it into the shape of a small triangle. A piece of sliced cheese would also work.

These would be great to decorate your Easter table with or even for a quick and healthy snack. And because sometimes it’s just fun to play with our food ; )

Egg Chicks
What you’ll need:
hard boiled eggs – peeled
fennel seeds {2 per egg for the “eyes”}
thin carrot slices {cut into a small triangle for the “beak”}

What to do:
1. Cut the hard boiled egg in half horizontally where the yolk is. If you’d like to stabilize the egg so it stands, carefully cut the bottom so it will stand flat.

2. Add 2 fennel seeds for the eyes, and a piece of cut carrot for the beak.

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