Allergy-Free Baking


  • Chocolate Coconut Cookies 1 of 4
    Chocolate Coconut Cookies
    These dense treats combine the classic combination of tropical coconut with a hint of cocoa. (To make them even better, try dipping them in melted chocolate.)
    Make chocolate coconut cookies »
  • Roasted Pear, Apple, and Blueberry Pine-Nut Bar 2 of 4
    Roasted Pear, Apple, and Blueberry Pine-Nut Bar
    Crunchy pine nuts and sugary fruit gives this gluten-free bar the sweet taste without the guilt.
    Make roasted pear, apple, and blueberry pine-nut bar »
  • Butterscotch Treats with White Chocolate 3 of 4
    Easy, delicious and nut- and wheat-free, these rice cereal crisps will have you savoring their buttery texture and sweet white chocolate coating. (Note: not dairy-free) Make butterscotch treats with white chocolate »
  • Jam Drops 4 of 4
    Jam Drops
    Simple and buttery, your kids can help make these allergen-free jam drops without risking a baking mess.
    Make jam drops »

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