Almost Tiramisu, Espresso Coconut Cream Pie

Almost Tiramisu
Almost Tiramisu

Looking for a cozy, sweet getaway from your hectic week? Try this dreamy, dairy-free, tiramisu-inspired dessert on for size. Coconut, espresso and chocolate layers create this Espresso Coconut Cream Pie. I call it my “Almost Tiramisu” dessert since it has espresso-cream flavors, but instead of those squishy soaked lady fingers, I added a rich chocolate cookie crust. And you may be surprised to find that this luscious dessert is vegan..

  • White Topped Pie 1 of 10
    White Topped Pie
    A soft creamy layer of coconut cream.
  • Coconut Cream 2 of 10
    Coconut Cream
    Freshly whipped coconut milk tops this espresso pudding pie.
  • Dive In 3 of 10
    Dive In
    Creamy layers of espresso, coconut and chocolate.
  • Tiramisu-ish 4 of 10
    Reminds me of tiramisu, without the lady fingers..
  • Layers of Bliss 5 of 10
    Layers of Bliss
    Can you believe this is vegan?
  • Cinnamon on Top 6 of 10
    Cinnamon on Top
    A light layer of cinnamon and even a few optional vanilla bean specks are the perfect touch.
  • Dreamy 7 of 10
    Comfort dessert.
  • Serve Chilled. 8 of 10
    Serve Chilled.
    A spoon or fork will do.
  • Whipped Coconut Milk 9 of 10
    Whipped Coconut Milk
    Coconut Cream - see how-to link in post.
  • The Coconut Cream 10 of 10
    The Coconut Cream
    Chill a can of coconut milk and that opaque white stuff on top is what you whip.

Creamy layers of espresso, coconut and chocolate. Luscious, homemade coconut cream whip is the perfect velvety topping for the pudding pie. Add some warm cinnamon and vanilla bean to accent. The pudding base? Silken tofu.

Kid-Friendly Version! Most kids will love this dessert granted one thing, you remove the coffee flavor. So yes, you can absolutely remove the espresso and replace it with either a splash of coconut milk – or even better, a splash of chocolate soy milk. Add an extra spoonful of cocoa powder and you have a chocolate cream coconut pie that kids will love as an extra special treat.

Almost Tiramisu, Espresso Coconut Cream Pie
makes one pie/tart

Espresso Pudding Pie:
3/4 cup maple syrup
3/4 cup soy creamer
3/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
2 shots espresso
14 ounces silken tofu
1/4 tsp cinnamon
2 Tbsp extra virgin coconut oil
2 Tbsp agar agar (to firm up pie texture)
*if you don’t use agar, your pie will be less gelled, but still delicious

Coconut Cream Topping:
1 cup coconut milk cream (top white layer scooped from chilled coconut milk can)
3 Tbsp powdered sugar
optional: vanilla bean specks and cinnamon whipped in
How-to Make Coconut Cream here

coconut whip

chocolate cookie pie crust

To Make:

1. Combine agar agar, creamer and maple syrup – heat in a sauce pan over medium heat until agar flakes have dissolved – constantly stirring.
2. Turn off heat, add coconut oil to melt.
3. Add all remaining pudding pie ingredients to a blender. Strain in the stove top agar liquid – I like to strain just in case a few beads of agar do not fully dissolve. Blend until creamy. Taste test. Adjust salt if needed.
4. Pour blended mixture into a chocolate cookie pie crust. Place in fridge to chill overnight or at least 4 hours.
5. Chill a can of full fat coconut milk in the fridge overnight. Open can and remove the opaque top layer of firm white “Cream” – spoon into a mixing bowl.
6. Add the powdered sugar to the cream and blend with a hand mixer from low to high until the mixture becomes fluffy. How-to Make Coconut Cream here
7. Spread the whipped coconut cream over top the chilled pudding pie. Add cinnamon and optional coconut cream whip from a whipped cream dispenser.
Serve! Place leftovers in fridge.

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