Amazing Muppet Birthday Cake!


September is birthday month in my family; mom, dad, aunt, sister, son and myself.  Mine is the last one and we’re birthday’d out by that point so this year I want something special. Like when I was a kid.  (I was obsessed with The Muppets and never missed an episode. But who did, right?  And for my birthday all I wanted was the Muppet critics. You know, the curmudgeons up in the box barking insults at the stage?  But they only sold Kermit and Miss Piggy mostly). Anyway, the point is, I want a Muppet cake and this year I want one with the critics! Mom, will you make it? Check out the detailed photo to help with your own Muppet design after the jump…

The attention to detail is amazing! You can do it mom!

*The above is a true story, although I did feel special on my brithday every year, especially since I shared it with my dad. And mom don’t worry I won’t make you attempt this, I heart your simple chocolate frosting! Happy Birthday family!

** Thank you Cake Central