American Red Cross: Help Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Survivors with Food, Water and Shelter Today


Help Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Survivors with Food, Water and Shelter TodayWith today’s news of devastation from the Japan earthquake, and subsequent tsunami, we are wondering what we can do to help. Thankfully, the American Red Cross and FEMA are already mobilizing to bring food, water, and shelter relief to Japanese disaster survivors. In the aftermath of a major earthquake, food, water, and shelter are among the most immediate concerns. And, because it’s still winter in Japan, the cold is an issue too. But, as we learned with Haiti earthquake, transporting food and clothing can be pretty difficult for charitable organizations. What can you do to help right now?

For one thing, you can visit the Disaster Online Newsroom of the Red Cross, for the latest updates, and where you can easily make an online donation as they mobilize to support the Japanese in the search and recovery process. Not near a computer? The Red Cross also accepts donations by text, simply text “Red Cross” to 90999, and your $10 donation will be automatically charged to your phone bill. Another great resource that became well-know in the face of the Haitian earthquake is Google Person Finder. This service acts as a clearing-house for missing and found person reports. If you are searching for a loved one who may have been affected by the earthquake and tsunami, this is the place to go.

With Japan so far away, many of us feel powerless to help. But a donation to the Red Cross will help them to support the Japanese people, and get them food, water, and shelter quickly, as they slowly recover from this devastating natural disaster. In the meantime, our thoughts and prayers are with them as the search and recovery begins.

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