Back To School: Bento Boxes


Bento boxes seem to be increasing in popularity lately but some may be wondering what exactly are bento boxes? They are a traditional Japanese lunch box container that usually contain many small servings of various foods. These small meals are great for children especially as they offer lots of variety and are usually made with healthy foods.

So how do you get started with making Bento Boxes?

Molds: You can look online and find many specialty molds however, start simple with items you may already have at home. Use small cookie cutters and ice cream sandwich molds to make food into fun shapes. You can also use silicon cupcake liners to place food into its own compartment.

Lunchboxes: You can find an amazing selection to fit your families personal taste: has a great selection of boxes from Kotobuki. You can start as simply as a laptop bento boxes.
Shop Kir Devries: I adore the selection on this site.

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