Apple Pancakes: The Perfect Fall Breakfast


Apple Pancake Recipe // Babble Food
Most years, I put up jars upon jars of jams, pickles, sauces, and preserves. But this year, it never happened. Every time a big batch of fresh produce came in, it got eaten up before any projects could get underway. I especially love storing big batches of applesauce, but with this irresistible apple pancake recipe kicking around, it was tough to do anything else with a bag of crisp fall apples.

The best pancakes are simple to make — not too fluffy and not too moist. I dare say, these fit the bill perfectly. With just a hint of flavor from fresh apples, and other wonderful flavors like yogurt, nutmeg, and lemon zest, these lightly sweet pancakes are the perfect fall breakfast. The recipe is also incredibly versatile, and would be great with seasonal pears or even favorite frozen fruits.

Head over to Brooklyn Supper to get the recipe for our simple and delicious apple pancakes!

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