April Fools Day Food Pranks That Will Get Them All Laughing


french fry french toastTomorrow is April Fool’s Day and we’ve got a host of fun food pranks that will surprise your whole family. Serve up these tasty pranks and wait for the giggles from your April fools to roll in. From fake out sundaes, to surprise “sushi,” to french toast “french fries,” we’ve got you covered for a day of April Fools food fun.

Start the day off with these delicious, and easy, french toast “french fries.” Your kids won’t believe your serving french fries for breakfast! This sweet surprise will get their April Fools Day started off right.

For dinner surprise everyone with Paula’s adorable kid-friendly “sushi” made with rice crispy treats and candy. Kids will love the sweet surprise.

Image: Paula Jones

And for dessert, Kathy’s got a delicious sundae that no one will believe is dairy free.

Image: Kathy Patalsky

For more creative food ideas, Angie’s got a great round-up of fun food prank ideas from around the internet.

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