April Fools' Worst Food Pranks


Have you ever been the brunt of an April Fools’ Day food prank? Have you ever chomped into something that looked like something it wasn’t? Have you ever fallen prey to the ol’ salt in the sugar bowl trick?

In this vlog, I share the worst April Fools’ Day Food Pranks I was able to find on the internet. Maybe you know some that are even worse? Maybe, something that has happened to you! It’s going to be pretty hard to top the The Crazy Kazoo but please, give it a try!

Watch April Fools’ Day Food Pranks Fails and share your April Fools’ Day shenanigans!

April Fools’ Fake Ham Photo Credit: Disney Family Fun

Worst Food Prank Resources: Rice Krispy Meatloaf Tantrum, Foolish Fake Ham, Toothpaste Oreo Tragedy, Crazy Kazoo.

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