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Avoiding Pink Slime: List of Grocers Who Use it and Those Who Don't

By laurasrecipes |


According to the popular iPad internet news website, The Daily, more supermarkets are now refusing to sell the ammonia treated beef product made famous by an ABC News story a few weeks ago. Since that story aired, it has also been reported that the U.S. Department of Agriculture has been buying the slime for use in school lunches. Parents have been outraged at the idea of this product being used in their children’s food yet the government insists it is safe and continues to purchase the “lean beef trimmings.” So how do you know what grocery stores are carrying the “slimed” ground beef?

The following graph on The Daily’s exclusive story illustrates which big supermarket retailers sell the beef that contains the pink filler. This list will probably continue to change as more stores stop carrying the slime. But if you’d like to avoid buying beef that uses the filler, this is a good start. The best way to make sure your local grocer (or neighborhood school) doesn’t use it is to ask!

Photo Credit: Tom Treick/EPA via The Daily

Update 3/23/12: Safeway announced that due to consumer pressure, they will no longer purchase or sell the beef with lean beef trimmings or “pink slime.”


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72 thoughts on “Avoiding Pink Slime: List of Grocers Who Use it and Those Who Don't

  1. Howard Dully says:

    Thank God Luckys markets isn’t on the pink slime list

  2. Sally Ashby says:

    Thanks for posting the offending supermarkets for using the pink slime. It’s sickening that our biggest retailers are doing this.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Just because a retailer is not on the list at all, doesn’t mean they are on the “good” list. I’m sure that Lucky supermarkets ARE, in reality, on the pink slime list, this site probably just doesn’t have them in their area.

  4. lequita price says:

    How about Crest’s supermarkets? How about Firelake and Homeland in Oklahoma?

  5. Joann says:

    Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution talked about this a season or two ago and I find it sad that ABC News *just* did the story about this. That said, I’m so glad they finally did the story. Pink slime = gross. Thanks for the list of safe places to buy meat!!

  6. Brenda says:

    Does anyone know if it’s in the ground sirloin? It only mentions ground beef.

  7. jamieS says:

    I am so glad to see heb on the good list!

  8. Jessica says:

    And that is why Wal-Marts meat cooks like “worms”. It will not tear apart properly like true ground beef.

  9. Ruby Bennett says:

    Thank you for posting this! I was wondering how I could find out who had it!

  10. Sarah A. says:

    A friend of mine’s husband is in the military and asked that I add this, “the commissary (grocery stores on bases for military personel) meat as having pink slime. They at first said they didn’t, but then revised their statement to say that their meat suppliers actually do.”

  11. kelly says:

    Any word on Shop Rite?

    1. laurasrecipes says:

      I’ve only heard rumors that Shop Rite publicly stated they didn’t use the slime – but haven’t found an official statement to that affect. I would ask your local ShopRite manager.

  12. Amanda says:

    Well that explains why the texture of Wal-Mart ground beef has such an odd texture and makes me queasy. Our state just ruled out the purchasing of pink slime in our schools. Question, what fast food chains still use pink slime?

  13. Sue says:

    We asked at BJ’s and were told by the meat department that they did not use pink slime

    1. laurasrecipes says:

      According to their Facebook page… BJ’s DOES use the slime in some of their products….

  14. Jean says:

    What about Hannaford stores? The only supermarkets I’m near are Stop & Shop and Hannaford.

    1. laurasrecipes says:

      Hannaford response customers on their Facebook page:
      “We do not add lean finely textured beef at store level as part of the grinding process. Our 80% Ground Beef and our Nature’s Place Ground Beef do not contain it. Because the inclusion of lean finely textured beef is common nationally and approved by USDA as safe, we cannot rule out that some other ground beef may contain this food product. If you want to stay away from lean finely textured beef – stick to these two products. Thanks – please let us know if you have any other questions

  15. Julia says:

    How about Wegman’s or Giant Eagle?

    1. laurasrecipes says:

      I do believe Wegman’s uses the slime… see this article and read the comments – They released this statement on their “Hot Topics” Page….

      “Concerns About Ground Beef
      Updated March 16, 2012

      Recent news reports referring to ‘pink slime’ (not an official term, but one used frequently by the media) in some ground beef have prompted consumer questions and concerns.

      Most ground beef contains a small percentage of boneless lean beef trimmings “Pink slime” refers to lean beef trimmings that are treated with ammonium hydroxide, which is used as an anti-microbial. Our processor (Cargill Meat Solutions) adds lean beef trimmings to our ground beef, but it is not treated with ammonium hydroxide.

      After the various cuts of meat are removed from a carcass, the tissue that remains is made up of approximately 70% fat and 30% very-lean beef. A simple process that uses gentle heating (approximately 100 degrees F) is used to separate and remove the fat in order to utilize the lean beef. Removing fat from lean is easier when the fat is warm. An anti-microbial is used to prevent growth of harmful bacteria during this warming process. Cargill also uses an anti-microbial, but it is citric acid, not ammonium hydroxide. By adding the lean trimmings to ground beef, the lean content of the beef actually improves. We’ve listened to many academic meat experts since this issue hit the media and are persuaded that this is a safe process. This included Temple Grandin, whose work on animal welfare we respect so much, and Dr. Russell Cross, head of the Animal Science department at Texas A&M University and former USDA scientist. Dr. Cross posted this video on the topic on March 14, 2012.

      Having said all that, Wegmans Organic and Food You Feel Good About ground beef does not contain lean beef trimmings.

      Although Wegmans ground beef does not contain ammoniated meat, we also want to make clear that this is a process approved for use in the production of ground beef. The American Meat Institute has developed a Q&A for consumers on this topic, and they have also produced a video to clear up misconceptions.”

  16. Heidi says:

    And people bit$% about us hunting??????? At least I know where my meat came from, what is in it, and it lived a “free range” “organic” life in the wild.. I am proud to serve me family wild meat. Especially when this is the choice in the stores!

  17. casey says:

    What about Harris Teeter or Farm Fresh? I buy it at Kroger or Food lion most of the time but I do shop at these stores on occasion too.

    1. laurasrecipes says:

      According to their public relations department, Harris Teeter does not use the slime

  18. Christina Gleason @ Cutest Kid Ever says:

    Thank you, Price Chopper, for not selling this in your stores. I knew there was a reason I’m a loyal shopper.

  19. Cara H says:

    Is anyone surprised to see Walmart on the list? There’s a reason it’s cheaper… because it’s mystery meat mostly

  20. Rachel says:

    It’s interesting to me that Hy-Vee uses it but Kroger doesn’t. In my area, a lot of people consider Hy-Vee to be sort of a junior, small-town version of Whole Foods, and they consider Kroger to be the ghetto supermarket. But the funny thing is that our local Kroger has as good or better of a “natural” section than the Hy-Vee does, it’s just not as shiny and new. Glad I kept my Kroger habit.

  21. Lynne Fisk says:


  22. Kristina Young says:

    What about Trader Joes?

    1. fdthjdj says:

      trader joes does not

  23. Lauren Alleyne says:

    Sucks that schools think it is ok to give this to our kids in school lunches…i m pack n make fresh lunches for her everyday…this is her 1st year in school n i have made a choice for her and her life not to let her eat PINK SLIME!!!!

  24. Nicole says:

    @ Kelly

    The ShopRite by my house has signs up saying that they do NOT carry meat with “pink slime”. My guess would be that they’d be the same across the board, but you might want to ask, just to be safe.

  25. MsTiBlue says:

    Do you think Michelle Owebama will demand this pink slime be taken out of school lunches as well as grocery stores? Now’s her chance to show us she is serious about nutrition. I bet she does nothing about it. All talk and no walk.

    1. Gregor says:

      Your reply is so tired. I can only imagine what one of the clown show first ladies would do…

  26. Trisha Yeardley says:

    Hy-Vee is so over rated. They act like they are HEALTHIER, HAPPIER, for the customer but they do it to line there own pockets. Hy-Vee is not like it used to be.

  27. Emily says:

    What about Winn Dixie?

  28. Abi says:

    It is best to check with corporate facebook pages for accurate information. Zaycon Foods has announced they do NOT use pink slime, but they are confirming this information for their customers. I have seen many articles stating they do use it when they are saying they do not.

  29. ivan215h says:

    I wish i knew if east coast supermarkets like shoprite and pathmark used or uses the pink slime. If anyone knows or find out please let me know on twitter @theoccupy215

  30. Beverly says:

    What about Thriftway stores?

  31. nicole davis says:

    Unfortunately the stores you named that dont carry the pink slime meat are not in our area,o ur area markets are Pathmark,Fresh Grocer, Shoprite and Bottom Dollar, can you tell us about these stores.

    1. laurasrecipes says:

      Per an article on a local news station…. “The company that owns Superfresh and Pathmark says at least two of its store brands do not contain the filler, the Mid-Atlantic Country Farms ground beef and Green Way All Natural. They do not have an answer yet though for other ground beef sold in the stores.” Here is the link: Shop Rite apparently doesn’t sell it but I haven’t found any official statement from them. The best course of action is to ask the management of your local store.

  32. suttoncville says:

    Ask the people working in the meat department, they will tell you. Giant Eagle does!

  33. Katie Did says:

    I’m assuming discount grocers such as Aldi and Save-a-Lot use pink slime. Does anyone know differently? Granted, I get most of my meats from local farms, so no pink slime worries there.

  34. Heather | Farmgirl Gourmet says:

    Great info! Luckily I don’t buy ground beef that often, but will definitely only be getting it from Costco now.

  35. Stacey says:

    I’m glad this has been brought to everyones attention, My fear now is …they are not using this as a filler anymore so what will they be putting in to cut the costs now??

  36. Sophie Jesse says:

    The whole thing is disgusting. The things that pass for food (and approved for school lunches!!!) are awful and very bad for you. The best way to avoid “pink slime” is to be a vegetarian. Then you only have to watch out for pesticides and for migrant worker abuse.

  37. Sophie Jesse says:

    Furthermore, you also need to be wary of the high level of antibiotics in commercially “produced” meat, as well as the use of animal products (!!!) in cattle feed and chicken feed. Mega-farming has taken us all down the path of monstrosity.

  38. Tobie Rose Balma says:

    What about California Stores? Ralph’s(Kroger’s) and Stater Brothers?

    1. laurasrecipes says:

      Hi Tobie, Von’s is part of Safeway and Ralph’s is part of Kroger. Kroger doesn’t use the trimmings in its store-ground beef but does sell pre-packaged products that have it. Although I don’t have an official statement, I believe Von’s would follow Safeway’s policies of using the trimmings both in store and pre-packaged meat. However, some stores have varied this policy in different regions so you should ask your local grocer or meat dept. manager. I couldn’t find much on Stater Brothers. Thanks! -Laura

  39. Laurie says:

    The easiest way to avoid pink slime is to not eat red meat. Harvard studies were just published showing the link between red meat consumption and early death from both cancer and heart disease. So pink slime or no pink slime, it’s not good for ya!

  40. Laurie says: They can’t sell what we ain’t buying!

  41. susanbellnc says:

    My Wal-Mart doesn’t do any meat cutting or grinding in house. All they carry now is prepackaged and they won’t even cut anything up for you from those if you ask. They don’t have the tools any more. I reckon I’d need to find out the manufacturers they use to see if they have that stuff in the meat or not.

  42. Janet says:

    What about Giant Foods and their Peapod supplier?

  43. Kathy says:

    What about Top’s or Wegman’s?

  44. Debra says:

    Also in the West & North Texas area – United Supermarkets (Market Street by United) does not use or sell meat with pink slime.

  45. Johane says:

    According to ABC, Safeway has announced that they will no longer sell ground beef containing pink slime. Now whether that includes premade beef products such as frozen burgers and meatballs and the like, I don’t know. Certainly is encouraging!

  46. Robert says:

    Find the best whole chicken parts you can fine, grind up the chicken 4 times through a standard kitchen aid mixer with the grinder attachment and tell me what it starts to look like. Until I see Stossel in the processing plants I’ll consider all the ammonia nonsense an urban myth. Chicken nuggets yummmmm.

  47. KristiyAspire says:

    The best way to avoid all of it is to buy Organic. The consumer makes the demands. Watch Food INC. for the whole story. The FDA and USDA are a joke.

  48. kim o. says:

    What about Fareway Stores in Iowa?

  49. jessica B says:

    I am glad to see that you have listed the stores that aren’t selling the pink stuff in the ground beef. I am a Publix shopper myself and I am very glad that they do not sell beef with amonia…. This weekends Taco Night will be a much livelier one. : )

  50. someone says:

    I have bought beef from walmart before and it smelled like pure ammonia, so I know its true. makes me sick when i smelled that i threw it right in the trash!

  51. Al Guler says:

    Sure fire way of making sure you’re not getting the pink stuff is to buy stew meat, trim and grind it yourself, Chill your grinder attachment in the freezer first, if you take this.route.

    Next best thing would be finding butcher you can trust and have him/her trim and grind it for you.

    What would you expect in a ground meat product packages in an opaque plastic in big box stores? If economy is an issue, and for many it clearly is these days, try saving money by avoiding the middle isles, buy basic but good ingredients, and make your own convenience foods and snacks. Get the whole family involved. It would be fun.

    Let’s get out of the victim’s mentality and deal with foods more within our control. If that’s too much work for you, maybe you just need to look the orher way.

  52. jane doan says:

    What about the Meijer stores?

  53. Melanie says:

    I bought ground beef from Kroger, Target & Walmart one time each and NEVER did it again. I guess this is why I thought it was so disgusting! Publix has real, fresh meat!

  54. Serena Michelle says:

    Grateful my husband buys local, organically raised animals (cows and lamb) and “processes” it himself. I grind my own beef… sure it’s a bit of work, but totally worth it considering how much junk they put in food or feed to the animals themselves!

  55. Chriss says:

    According to Fareway stores their ground beef doesnt contain it either.

  56. Cara says:

    How do we know we can trust that a grocery chain is telling us the truth on whether or not their ground beef is pink slime-free?

  57. tarawright says:

    Skh says they don’t sell pick slime.

  58. jon says:

    people people people their is no such thing as “pink slime.” the BEEF that you are getting is BEEF all from cows with a high protein count and low fat you should all be greatfull that their are companies out there trying to make sure everyone is eating safe healthy food.

  59. Kathy Vera says:

    Go vegetarian. No worries about slime or no slime. Be healthier too.

  60. EK says:

    Pink slime is a myth….these are beef trimming that contain 100% beef and nothing else. When you believe the misinformation that has been circulated around the media, think about the 3000 people including myself that are going to lose their jobs and be put out on the street because of the lies that condemn our product. Dont you understand that there is a state-of-art process that is being ruined here. This is the safest and most pure beef product in the US and we have got numerous awards for just that. Go to and get your facts straight if you dont belive me. And for those of you who want to support us and our cause, go to and sign the petition to get a quality safe product back on the market.

  61. EK says:

    sorry typo…

  62. Erin says:

    So…the only place I can get meat uses pink slime…nice…

  63. Dominique @PurpleKale says:

    If you want a visual in-house story of pink slime, watch Food Inc. BEST documentary out there, then watch Forks Over Knives-very informative stuff.

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