Back to School Treats: Blueberry Bars


School has returned and Chef Zoe Francois created these wonderful baked blueberry bars that I just had to share with you. The crust is a wonderful lemon thyme shortbread with fresh blueberry filling and is covered with a beautiful lattice top. They are beautiful, sweet and satisfying.

According to Zoe, making variations of these baked bars are a passion in the Minnesota region. You can put just about anything in the layered dessert. Fruit, chocolate, caramel. It doesn’t matter, anything goes. Her recipe was inspired by a local cooks who entered a regional bar bake-off and Zoe had the unimaginable job of tasting and judging all those baked goodies. The experience and what she tasted gave her ideas to create this treat which is the perfect combination of baked flaky goodness with a sweet fruit filling.

To see the recipe and all her step-by-step photos and tips, please click HERE

Photo Credit: Zoe Francois,

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