Bacon Bacon and More Bacon!



I’m a firm believer that bacon makes everything better. No matter if it’s country bacon, pancetta bacon, oven baked bacon, pan fried bacon, smoked bacon, you name it I like it. Bacon is wonderful in everything from breakfast all the way  to desserts. Yes I said desserts. We have a selection of bacon recipes to treat the bacon lovers in your life. Including the Sweet and Spicy Nutella Covered Bacon garnished with fleur de sel pictured above that if you like salty, sweet and savory together you simply must try.
SWEET & SPICY NUTELLA COVERED BACON garnished with FLEUR DE SEL – it’s a feast for the senses covering sweet, salty & savory. (pictured top)

BACON BUTTIES – a bacon sandwich so good they were served at the Royal Wedding!

BLT BUCATINI – a pasta dish that is a twist on the classic BLT Sandwich {pictured after the jump}

SHRIMP & GRITS – a Southern staple that’s topped off with crispy bacon bits.

THE KENTUCKY HOT BROWN – you don’t have to wait for the Kentucky Derby to enjoy this tasty sandwich.

SWEET & SPICY BACON – Taking baked bacon up a notch.