Banana Split-dillas

banana split dilla
banana split-dilla

These fun Banana Split-dillas have all the ambiance of a creamy, fruit-filled, whip-topped banana split, but packed in a healthy quesadilla-looking tortilla. Instead of creamy ice cream, a drizzle of vanilla yogurt is added. Try this kid-approved quick meal idea and have fun with lunch..

Banana Split-dillas
vegan, serves 2-4

1 tortilla (I used sprouted grain)
2 Tbsp nut or seed butter
1/2 cup sliced fresh fruits (try seasonal berries, apples, grapes, dried fruit – and bananas of course!)
1/4 cup soy vanilla yogurt
swirl of soy whip on top


1. Warm tortilla just enough so that is becomes soft and pliable.
2. Slather in nut butter – it should melt easily due to the warm tortilla surface.
3. Layer in sliced fruit.
4. Pour yogurt over top.
5. Fold tortilla and slice into triangles.
6. Add optional whipped topping – a sprinkle of nuts or even a cherry on top to complete the fun.

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