Bears Packers Time! Jets Steelers Game Time! Football Snacks that Double as Dinner


turkey and white bean chili nachosJets Steelers! Bears Packers! So many football games today; too many to be stuck cooking. Before game time is underway, make these perfect football foods that also come together to make a hearty dinner. Because who wants to fill up on snacks and then be stuck cooking a meal tonight?

Not me! If you agree, try these recipes that do perfect football day double duty.

Easiest Classic Meatballs (make these mini for the afternoon, then toss leftovers with pasta for dinner tonight)

Turkey and White Bean Chili Nachos (seriously dinner nachos!)

Quick Apple Fennel Slaw (perfect with mini burgers or dogs!)

A Trio of Finger Lickin’ Chicken Wings (enough variety of flavor to make a dinner out of wings, especially with the Apple Fennel Slaw!)

Homemade Cracker Jacks (this game-time snack doubles as dessert tonight!)