Twitter Roundup: What Halloween Candy are you Excited to Steal (ahem, Borrow) From Your Kids?


Halloween candy is just for the kids, right? Ha! We don’t think so! According to the responses we got when we recently asked moms on Twitter what Halloween candy they were most excited about, we found that…moms sure do like candy.

Now, I personally have a few favorites…Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and Kit Kats being high on the list. I like play it safe thought and not buy any candy that I have a weakness for to put in our trick-or-treater bowl. I tend to lean toward the more sugary, non-chocolate candies (the ones I have no desire to eat!) to fill the bowl with so I’m not tempted to start my Halloween candy binge two weeks early. Smart huh? I think so. We do what we have to do…

Here’s what candy other moms can’t wait to steal borrow from their kids:


Don’t forget to chime in yourself…tell us, what is your favorite Halloween candy?

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