Birthday Cake Contest! UPDATE!




Thank you to everyone who has sent me such heart-felt, inspiring confections for our Birthday Cake Contest. This Just In: The winner  (as deemed by The Family Kitchen staff) will take home this Kuhn Rikon Decorating Pen kit from Sur La Table as well as the new Ready for Dessert: My Best Recipes by David Leibowitz. Again, instructions are simple: Send your pix to: Jenny AT I will announce the winner in the next month…

I think with my puppy turning 1 soon and my own birthday next month, I have cakes on my mind. (Oh, yes, and also there are those 85 parties my kids are committed to this weekend.) SO….how about we have a little contest. I am always on the lookout for do-able homemade ones with minimal fuss — but the kids? The more over-the-top, the better, of course. So let’s get this party started! Send in your cake pics to jenny AT and I will announce the winners some time next month. Extra credit for anything that is Boston-Terrier themed.

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