Bison Meat - 'The Better Red Meat'


Anyone who knows us or reads my blog knows that we love Bison meat. Bison, also known as buffalo, is sometimes called the “better red meat” and is a great choice for those looking for ways to reap health benefits from the foods they eat.

Bison is often referred to as the “better red meat” because it is one of the most nutrient rich meats available. In addition…

It is an excellent source of vitamins, iron, niacin and zinc. It also has higher protein content than chicken and lower fat than pork and beef. Nutritionally, you are getting more protein and nutrients with fewer calories and less fat. Buffalo is a dense meat that tends to satisfy you more while eating less.

It is becoming increasing more popular therefore, many grocery stores are carrying it, especially in the ground form and at $4.29 a pound, it is a deal. I was able to get medallions by simply asking the local Stop & Shop to order it for me. Yes, I felt obligated to buy three packages but I did not mind since I knew I could freeze it and we would be eating it. You may also find it of interest that bison feed on grass while roaming the range. They are not fed commercial feed or grains and they are also not injected with hormones and chemicals (those are the claims on the package I buy).

Finally, I know you are wondering: what does it taste like? To me it taste like higher quality beef and gosh, it is so tender. Because bison is a leaner piece of protein, you need to be careful not to overcook it and dry out, so stick to the motto ‘low and slow’. This does not mean it takes long to cook as it does cook quickly but do not throw a bison burger over high heat for 10 minutes. No one enjoys eating a hockey puck.

I have made several recipes and the bison has become a staple in our house. I have a few bison recipes at Savor the Thyme including Bison Steak ala Montreal, Bison Meatballs and Bison Sliders. We also use the ground bison in pasta dishes and goulash.