Blood Orange, Beet, and Fennel Salad: Colorful Winter Eats


One of the secrets to eating enough veggies whether you’re cooking for yourself or your family is to keep the green stuff interesting. While meat generally gets the starring role in most dinners, the veggies are often just steamed and served with a little salt and pepper or torn up and called a salad. It’s no wonder that people aren’t enthused about eating their vegetables!

And in the winter, when fun ingredients like tomatoes and peaches are just a dream (yes, I know you can buy tomatoes year-round, but not good ones), keeping vegetables interesting is doubly hard. But it’s not impossible. This fennel, beet, and blood orange salad is a great way to keep things fresh and uses winter ingredients like beets and citrus that won’t be around much longer.

Head over to Brooklyn Supper for our recipe.

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