The Sweetest Thing: Preserves from Bonne Maman


I don’t know how often I push my shopping cart past the jam aisle, gazing wistfully at the neat rows of Bonne Maman Preserves with their red and white checked lids. At $4.50 a jar, I usually can think of a dozen excuses why not to buy it, and so up until now, I never have.

But today is my birthday, and what’s more, I made cherry scones. How could I not buy the perfect little jar of Cherry Preserves?

Bonne Maman—which is French for “good mama” and is pronounced bun ma-ma’—is made in France and uses all-natural ingredients.

After eating my buttery, heart-shaped, cherry scones draped in the cherry preserves today, I now want to try all of Bonne Maman’s flavors. First on my list? Four Fruit Preserves.

Or maybe Apricot Raspberry.

Or Wild Blueberry.

Or Plum.

Maybe I just need to buy all of them. Well, it is my birthday . . . maybe someone will just send them all to me.

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