BOO: Halloween Milk Shooters for Your Little Ghosts!


Milk Shooters

When it comes to Halloween beverages we are sticking with the very child-friendly fare in this house. Since my daughter doesn’t love drinking milk (not even chocolate milk!) I made these cute shooters for her to see if it would get her a little more excited about the beverage. She got a huge kick out of the ghost faces I drew on the glasses and the sprinkled rims. I gave them to her when she got home from school and she was beyond thrilled to drink two straight down after having her apple. I think I might line these up for kids when we have our Halloween party next week!

BOO Halloween Milk Shooters

1 cup milk

1 teaspoon nutella or white chocolate spread

Halloween sprinkles

Black marker

1. Draw little ghost faces on your shot glasses. dip the rims in nutella or white chocolate spread, followed by the Halloween sprinkles. Pour in the milk and serve them up to your little ghosts and gobins!