Book Review: What to Cook and How to Cook It


what to cook and how to cook itCooking is a very visual activity. Recipes are written to articulate the exact steps one should follow in order to achieve the finished product. But rarely are the visual descriptions of the recipe stages as accurate as they should be. Enter Jane Hornsby. Jane is a well-known cookbook author from England and is making a big splash in the U.S. with her latest book, What to Cook and How to Cook It. I recently received a copy and, although I am an experienced cook, I am totally in love with it. Each recipe is written in a clear concise manor with several photographs inserted for visual instruction. Each photograph is a literal illustration of each recipe step.

The recipes included in this book range from the simplest (pancakes) to more complex (souffles). The instructions are so clear and the photographs so stunning that every single thing you find seems completely achievable. Every wondered what “folding egg whites” is supposed to look like? Jane will show you, then tell you about it.

This is a great book for both the novice and experienced cook alike. I know I’ve been whipping up things from it left and right, and I’m sure you will be, too.