Breakfast Time: Cherry Hazelnut Farro Oatmeal


As far back as I could remember, I have always disliked oatmeal. When ever anyone suggested the breakfast cereal I would crinkle my nose and squint my eyes shaking my head back and forth in a motion that clearly stated “no” with an exclamation. I couldn’t wrap my head around the texture…. I guess as a young kid the only oatmeal I had ever tasted was instant oatmeal. No one had ever served me a bowl of steel cut oats. One day I don’t know what came over me, but I decided I was going to give oatmeal another try and ordered a bowl of slowly cooked steel cut oats at a restaurant and the rest is history. I fell in love with the chunky creamy hot cereal. Since then I have become an avid oatmeal eater, and have started to experiment with incorporating ancient grains into my morning treat. I added some farro to this recipe for an extra little bite in my oatmeal. The cherries and hazelnuts are just an additional level of happiness. Enjoy!

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