Butterball Turkey Hotline: Last Minute Questions Answered


butterball turkey hotlineHappy Thanksgiving! All week we’ve been working to make sure you have the info and inspiration you’ll need to make today’s Thanksgiving meal a success. But the day is finally here and we know you’re busy. We—and the folks at Butterball—also know that unexpected things happen. So here’s one last, quick-look guide at the most important last-minute tips from Butterball. And, of course, info for the Butterball turkey hotline.

Find out how long to cook a turkey.

Reference a turkey cooking time calculator.

Get Butterball’s tips on knowing when your turkey is done.

And, if you find yourself with a turkey conundrum, call the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line (1-800-BUTTERBALL). The hotline is available in English and Spanish from 7 am 7 pm today. If you get a busy signal, don’t fret. Butterball isn’t the only turkey emergency phone line you can call. Check out this complete list of turkey hotline numbers.