Camp Snacks with Hefty


camp snacks

Today I am packing my daughter off to camp with her usual assortment of snacks. This particular camp requests I send everything in plastic bags so I’ve decided to use my Hefty bags. Here’s what I’ve done:

1) Her snacks that need to remain cool go in the bottom of her bag next to the ice pack. These include carrots and cucumbers.

2) Since she loves hummus I’ve used a bag just for hummus because it can be store flat in the bag which is the most efficient space-wise.

3) On top of the hummus I’ve stacked a bag of crackers since she loves a salty crunchy snack mid-day.

4) The final hefty bag includes her bottle of yogurt. I do this simply because I don’t want to the yogurt to spill everywhere in case the yogurt gets bumped. Because, let’s face it, that bag gets tossed around!!

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