Candy Cane Milk Shooters for the Kids


Candy Cane Shooters

I couldn’t help myself with these. I just loved the idea  of trying these out when we picked up our first box of mini candy canes the other week. I rimmed two glasses with crushed candy canes and used a candy cane as a swizzle stick. The candy cane turned the milk pink and gave it a sweet, minty taste that we all loved. My daughter found it to be the perfect minty treat after dinner. I loved that it was mostly milk with a hint of festive cheer!

Candy Cane Milk Shooters

1 % milk

Mini-Candy Canes

Crush a few candy canes until they are dust and use them to rim two shot glasses. Fill each glass with milk and dip a candy cane in right before serving. Enjoy!

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