Capture Food Memories in a Digital Scrap Book


Food is intertwined in just about every momentous event in my life. I see a photo of a cake from my sweet 16 party and it immediately transports me back to my party in Italy. The outfits, the people, the vespas, and yes the food. It all comes streaming back. I could go on for days about memories and food and I bet you probably could too. It’s important to capture those moments, big and small, so that we can go back and relive them and share them with our loved ones. A great way to do that is by creating a digital scrap book.

Wendy’s has a new scrap booking app. It’s as simple as upload, customize and export. That’s it. There’s no reason not to upload the photos off your phone or camera and get started today! Years down the road you’ll be thankful you did.
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