Carmageddon - What to Do This Weekend During the 405 Freeway Closure


The 405 freeway closure this weekend -now being dubbed carmageddon– is expected to force plenty of Los Angeles residents to stay home for a couple days. The public is asked to avoid the 405 -of one of the busiest freeways in the world- Friday night through Monday morning as it is shut down to allow for the demolition of the Mulholland Bridge. The construction is sure to affect plenty of weekend plans.

This could be a good thing. A stay-at-home weekend is the perfect opportunity to tackle some more involved cooking projects. Learn how to make bread or pastry from scratch! Put up some jams, pickles or preserves! Or invite a few neighbors over for a carmageddon a dinner party, and make some real slow food.

Always wanted to try making puff pastry from scratch? Now’s your chance. How about baking your own bread? Putting up shelves of jams, pickles and preserves? Or slow-roasting a leg of lamb? There’s no better excuse than a weekend in.

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