Celebrate Miss America Winner Teresa Scanlan with Foods From Miss Nebraska's Home State


miss nebraska steaksThere she is, Miss America! Last night Miss America 2011 was crowned. The new queen of beauty pageants, Teresa Scanlan, comes to us from the heartland, where she dutifully served as Miss Nebraska. To celebrate her victory, one might think of foods fit for royalty or even super healthy foods that you can imagine as part of a beauty pageant queen diet. But that’s not very in line with the traditional foods of Nebraska. Oh no. The home state of Teresa Scanlan is better known for STEAKS and (who knew!) ESKIMO PIES!

If you’re in the mood to celebrate our new Miss America, I say throw a steak on the grill or in the pan. Here are great tips on how to cook a steak from our very own Julie. Or maybe go easy with this quick and simple steak sandwich. Then make some homemade magic shell for dessert (just skip the peppermint extract for an authentic eskimo pie flavor).

Though I doubt our new Miss America eats steak and ice cream on the regular, I’d bet that, tonight, she’ll splurge. As well she should!

Photo: JulieVR