Celebrate the Royal Wedding with the Groom's Special Cake, a Chocolate Fridge Cake

The Groom's Fridge Cake
The Groom’s Fridge Cake

I didn’t get up early enough this morning to watch the wedding as it unfolded, but I watched all the recaps. I can’t believe what a beautiful dress Kate had. It by far exceeded all my expectations. I am so glad there was the lace detail, and that the train wasn’t so long. It was modern, feminine and timeless. My second most anticipated items of the wedding, besides the dress, was the cake. You can see the the royal wedding cake and groom’s cake here. They were both absolutely gorgeous. The wedding cake, though beautiful, was a fruitcake, not something I want to re-create. But the Groom’s cake was a chocolate fridge, or biscuit cake. It looked amazing, covered in ganache with such pretty details.

Several weeks ago, I saw the executive chef to Diana, Charles, William and Harry from 1989 until 2000, share the recipe for the Royal family’s chocolate fridge cake. I was so excited to make it today. It’s definitely a treat any American or Brit can enjoy. You can make it a little more grown up by adding lots of nuts, or make it for the little ones by adding crisp candy bar pieces like Twix and Kit Kats. You can find my version, along with a link to the original recipe by Carolyn Robb on my blog, Eclectic Recipes.