Celebrity Chef Ben Ford on Cooking for Kids

Chef Ben Ford on Cooking for Kids
Chef Ben Ford was the MC for the 5th Annual Dole California Cook Off.

“Never underestimate your kids.” — Chef Ben Ford

I had the opportunity to meet legendary chef and Los Angeles local, Ben Ford at the Dole California Cook-Off. Chef Ben was the MCC (Master Chef of Ceremonies) for the event, and I was a sous chef for one of the three finalists competing for a chance to win $25,000. It was an unseasonably humid summer day in Santa Monica and the fierce competition made the afternoon all the more sweltering.

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In between Chef Ben’s official duties of mouthwatering cooking demonstrations, chatting with the finalists and tasting and judging competing creations featuring Dole products, I had a chance to ask the father of three, “What’s the most important thing to remember when cooking for kids.”

Chef Ben answers in true modern dad style — and those movie star good looks don’t hurt either (yes, his Dad is Harrison Ford). Watch the video and share your tips on cooking for kids in the comments.

Read more about the Dole California Cook Off at Santa Monica Place and see all of the award-winning food, including the dish that took home $25,000!

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