Cheerful Cherry Cobbler


It’s cherry season and one of my favorite things to do with cherries (besides popping them into my mouth) is making cherry cobbler. Pitting the cherries is the hardest part. If you have a cherry pitter you’ll save yourself a lot of time and aggravation. You will not however save the mess. There’s no getting around that mess and whatever you do do NOT wear white. Because if you do you will cry when you ruin that gorgeous white summery skirt that you loved. Not that I know from experience or anything like that ; )  Once you taste the cobbler you just might forget about those stains. The recipe doesn’t require any stirring, just dumping. It couldn’t be easier or tastier.

Grab your sweet cherries and pop on over to my blog for my SWEET CHERRY COBBLER recipe.

Can’t get enough cherries? Try:


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