Celebrate The First Day of Winter with Chicken Cordon Bleu Pigs in a Blanket


Don’t you just love it when you can make fun meals that also use up leftovers? I am a huge fan and I am sure that I am going to have plenty of leftover chicken and ham after all the company coming over Christmas break.  I am also quite aware that when you say ‘Pigs in a Blanket’, children and grown-ups come running as if someone yelled ‘I found a tree with money growing on it’

Consider making these ‘fancy’ pigs in a blanket’ using your favorite crescent rolls….

Normally I am not a big crescent roll fan thanks to the hydrogenated oils however, Trader Joe’s carries a line that are a better option so I used them when I made this recipe.

Ingredients (Yield 4 and easily doubles)
1 can crescent rolls
1/2 chicken breast, cooked and cut into strips
2 slices of ham, halved
1 few slices of your favorite cheese (we used reduced fat cheddar)

1. Preheat the oven to the temperature specified on the container of crescent rolls.
2. Roll out and section the crescent rolls as instructed on the container
3. Place the chicken, ham and cheese in the crescent rolls and roll closed
4. Bake as indicated on the container of crescent rolls.

Serve with a side of Mustard Dipping Sauce